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Ruvin Badola Patient Journey - Karma Ayurveda Hospital

Patient Journey - Karma Ayurveda Hospital

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If there is a problem in the kidney, then somewhere, we are responsible for it. There are many reasons for kidney failure. One is high blood pressure, and the other is diabetes, and apart from this, problems related to urine also cause kidney failure. Out of which, my kidney failure came due to diabetes.

Hello, my name is Ruvin Badola, and I am from Srinagar. Due to my kidney failure, I had to face many problems in my body. I didn't see any specific signs in the early stages of kidney failure, so I never considered it. But when I saw the changes happening in my body and after examining the doctor, I realized that there was a problem in my kidney. Whose allopathy treatment put me in more trouble.

I had dialysis, which made me very weak. I had given up all hope, but then I came to know about Karma Ayurveda Hospital. I took treatment from here, and today I am completely healthy. For this, I express my gratitude to Dr. Puneet Kidney Specialist of Karma Ayurveda Hospital. Because my hope of living was completely over, but today I am fine and living a completely healthy life.

I was very used to eating sweets; my habit was so bad that if I saw sweets, then I should eat at night. I have never avoided any sweets. I used to like sweets so much, but my kidney will be troubled, I did not know. I used to have problems like itching in the skin due to excessive consumption of sweets. My sugar was often high because of sweets. But for a few days, I was having problems like the release of protein in the urine, and I started having weakness in my body.

I had kidney failure due to diabetes, with which I had to face so many problems in the body that there was no limit.

  • My body had become weak.
  • I was getting protein in my urine.
  • I often used to complain of itching and rashes in the skin.
  • I was not able to eat anything because I always felt like vomiting.
  • And there was swelling in my hands and feet.

I went to the doctor and told him about my problem. Then the doctor asked me for some tests. When the test report came, it was found that there was a problem with my kidney. The doctor initially prescribed medicines, but when it did not work, the doctor asked for dialysis. When I started dialysis, I started having many problems in my body. There was no improvement in my condition; on the contrary, the issues in my body increased.

Now I had problems like burning in urine; now, I used to drink even water, vomit, even food that was not being digested properly. This treatment made me very sad. Then the doctor asked me for a kidney transplant, but in the meantime, I came to know about Karma Ayurveda Hospital through social media. The treatment of Karma Ayurveda Hospital is completely natural, neither dialysis nor transplant. I reached Karma Ayurveda Hospital with a friend of mine, where we met Dr. Puneet.

The doctor saw my reports and asked me some questions, after which my treatment started. During the treatment, the doctor told me that I had to take my medicine on time and abstain from my food. I obeyed everything the doctor said, the effect of which was visible to me in 15 days. I took full treatment, and I am fine today. I honestly accepted all the things told by Dr. Puneet, and as a result, I am fine today.


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